Nishman After Shave Cologne Storm

Nishman After Shave Cologne Storm


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Nishman After Shave Cologne Storm

NISHMAN Aftershave Cologne 150 ML / with mist sprayer

02 STORM // ROBUST MASCULINE SCENT Version with Extra Freshness 150ml

Product Details:

One of the best from NISHMAN Cologne Series. This cologne is a « perfect match for the Active Man ». Comes in a 150ml suitable size & attractive bottles. Known for it’s aromatic, masculine smell, which lasts all day long, and isn’t too overpowering on the senses. A cologne that’s excellent value for money.

At a glance:

● Ideal for all types of skin
● Comes in a family sized bottle
● Comforts the skin and refreshes
● Available in a 150ml special & attractive bottle
● It’s fragrance would last hours
● Masculine scent for the Active Man

Poids 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in

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