We provide fast financing for new and used equipment used for operational, operational, commercial and industrial purposes.

Our goal is to stimulate the growth of small and medium-sized businesses through our advantageous and customized financing solutions.

"We are happy to contribute to your success and count you among our customers!"

We have the ability to tailor our solutions to the most complex equipment financing needs. We work closely with you to provide you with superior service and build a strong relationship focused on the needs of our customers.

What is leasing

Leasing is a very popular method of financing the acquisition of equipment. Payments are spread over several months and are an expense from a tax perspective.


With our advice, your financing decisions will be easier, easier and even more economical.

With our expertise and smart financing, you can focus on the most important thing - growing your business business. 


Our process is well defined, approved quickly, and our customers know exactly what to expect. Our service is professional and adapted to each of your needs.

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